sarah & harry

sarah and harry • san francisco, california • december 2014
“this is the week harry and i got engaged. after nine years of friendship and four years of partnership, we are taking the plunge.
best decision we’ve ever made.
love is accepting your partner for all that they are. finding your better half is a true blessing and […]

turner & randi

turner and randi • newport news, virginia • april 2015




emily & jeremy

emily and jeremy • los angeles, california. fort benning, georgia • march 2014
“i thought it would be easy to write about this relationship because i’m all about it, but everything i have to say is sort of saccharine and probably boring to anyone but me. jeremy and i have been together for a year, though […]

karen & rob

karen and rob • petaluma, california • april 2015
“we have been married for over 30 years. when we first met, we were both very focused on our careers. neither of us was in a rush to start a family or settle down. but, we moved with what presented itself; and within five years, we were […]

jake & ryan

jake and ryan • redlands, california • february 2015
“we have been on a long journey together. love is what held us together through the difficult times, and is what spurs our adventures. love is knowing he will be there for me when i cannot even count on myself. love is honesty, respect, and loyalty.”


donya & rommy

donya and rommy • cotati, california • december 2014


betsy & joseph

betsy and joseph • paris, france • january 2015



jessica & will

jessica and will • san francisco, california • february 2015



kelly & katie

kelly and katie • portland, oregon • february 2015



spiros & ricardo

spiros and ricardo • rome, italy • november 2014
“we agreed to meet again and he got on the train without looking back. i swerved around and started walking back the way i came, smiling sheepishly to every person who crossed my path.
i’ve been his ever since.”